Superweiche lange Kaschmir-Wollschals

CHF 19.95

CASHMERE WOOL – Made from the hair of goats, cashmere is used for its fine texture, strength, and softness. Superior insulation against cold weather makes this your go to winter accessory while still remaining light enough to wear during the spring and fall.

STYLE & WARMTH – Superior insulation and length provide you with a warm scarf that can be styled in multiple ways while keeping you safe from the freezing cold. Drape over your neck for a relaxed laid back feel or wrap around for a snug and cozy fit.

PAIR – these exclusive pattern and color combinations can be paired with your favorite coat, jacket, Sweater, or suit. Wear it over your shoulders for those long Relaxing shopping days or tuck it into your suit jacket for a busy day at the office

Length - Pashminas are around 5-6 FT Long giving you room to wrap, double wrap and perhaps even triple however you style it!

Unlike sheep’s wool, it can be worn directly against the skin without causing irritation and provides superior insulation against the cold. Today, pashmina cashmere is a designer’s dream fabric, and advances in processing techniques have expanded the availability of this luxurious material to places around the world. A must for every wardrobe, this scarf protects you from the cold without the irritation of scratchy wool, all while maintaining your stylish outfit

Solid Pashminas Material: 70% Wool, 30% Silk

Plaid Pashminas Material : 100% Cashmere Wool

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